Organic farming is more than just a trend for us. It’s a lifestyle. And it’s something we do in remembrance and honour of Bertram Rhomberg jun., who was ahead of his time and re-opened the hotel’s own farm.

Organic agriculture

Johanna Rhomberg is our young and passionate hotel farmer. She took over the farm management from her father and continues it as part of his legacy. She knows all her sheep and cows by name. Organic farming means working in harmony with nature for Johanna. The animal food is supplied exclusively from the farm’s private farm silo. The animals enjoy their free range all year and while grazing in the summer in the alps around Gargellen. Of course, we refrain from using plant growth stimulants, fertilisers and pesticides. This results in healthy soils, clear waters and fresh mountain air.

Conscious living in Montafon

“bewusstmontafon” is a collective initiative for high-quality products from the region. Farmers, hotel and restaurant owners and manufacturers aim to strengthen the awareness for local and regional products and delicacies from Montafon. It serves as a return to the values and traditions of the region, with all its specialties and the typical Montafon handicraft. The mission is clear: Understanding our unique cultural landscape and its use and care and taste the great variety of the region’s delights.


“We know where our ingredients come from. This is our passion, dear to our hearts, and it enriches our cuisine.”

Johanna Rhomberg

True culinary pleasure begins with honest ingredients

Kitchen Philosophies

Alpine delights for all your senses


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