Situated in the midst of the mountains, Gargellen is a unique spot. Far away from the hustle of everyday life. A place of longing for people from around the world.

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Rooms & Suites

Preserving traditions. Offering new experiences. Our rooms are places of rest. They are as individual as our guests. No room looks like the other. They tell stories from the past, of joy and connectedness.

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Spoil yourself. Discover something new. Our numerous packages offer an easy and relaxed timeout.

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Experience the mountain summer

Fresh mountain air. Blooming meadows. Lone horses and crystal-clear mountain streams. Where’s your favourite spot in the sun? The mountain summer in Gargellen sparks happiness. Treat yourself to a warm timeout!


Traditions represent our roots. Hospitality is our passion. Awe of nature is our essence.

  • Hotel Madrisa is a place of quiet serenity. Strengthened by family bonds and open to the world. Hospitality and family have been the roots of our house for 120 years. Here, stories of life have been passed on for generations. In this listed Art Nouveau house, the memories of past days live on as they interconnect with our traditions and the present. Instead of superficiality, a deep connection between human beings and nature is established here. This is why our own farm is particularly dear to us. Every animal here has a name and lives with the rhythm of the seasons. Amid this idyllic mountain world, every guest can feel the power of nature.


„Organic farming to me means that humans and animals live in harmony.“

Johanna Rhomberg

Alpine delights for all senses


The home of goodness


Family and traditions are the roots of our hotel. Whoever settles here immerses in the multifaceted stories of the people who make this house a home.

Take a break from everyday life. Happiness is a regular guest at the hotel Madrisa.