Ski Rental Conditions

Dear Guests,

When collecting the hired equipment, we request you to leave a deposit like a credit card slip, cash, identification or passport.
Your personal details are analyzed by our computer and the ski bindings are adjusted correspondingly.
Each day which is begun is regarded as a complete day, with exception of the 1st day after 2.30 pm. Half days are calculated from 8.30 am – 12.30 pm and from 1 pm – 5 pm.
Our products are not insured against theft. Even if very slight damage occurs, we will remedy this immediately for free. In the case of loss or deliberate damage, we reserve the right to charge the current market value.
In order to avoid any unpleasant mix-ups, please take note of your equipment (brand name, colour, number, size).
You may pay with cash or credit card, as soon as you have returned the rented equipment in its entirety.

Ski & Board Service – "CRYSTAL GLIDE FINISH"
is the term for optimal gliding preparation for skis and snowboards. A five step process with precision machines from MONTANA

  1. Surface repair
  2. Stone grinding
  3. Side edge grinding
  4. Base tuning "tip to tail"
  5. Wax and polish

The Results:

  • Perfect gliding
  • Perfect grip
  • Perfect control in snow and ice