Appreciate your meal with a clear conscience

  • Our own bio-organic farm
  • Beef from our own guaranteed organically and biologically controlled farm
  • Food without growth stimulants, chemically synthetic fertilizers, storage preservers or pesticides.
  • Animal feed that is exclusively home grown, biological fodder.
  • Calves raised on 10 months of mother-fed milk, year-round freedom of movement, six months meadow grazing, three of which are in the high alpine meadows.
  • We contribute through the farm’s production methods our part to the preservation of a livable environment with healthy soil, clear water and fresh air.

New life in the Alps

Initiatives, models and projects of bio-agriculture 
Text excerpts from the above named book by Hans Haid; publisher Böhlau

Hotel Madrisa in Gargellen:

I willingly admit that this hotel is truly one of the most beautiful historical mountain hotels in the Alps. Bertram Rhomberg the owner, told me about it while at a conference in Montafon, showing me pictures of the hotel and choices from the restaurant’s menu.

I became curious and went to see for myself. The hotel’s brochure did in fact hold true to its promises.

The "old" part of the hotel built just after 1900, is a good example of the typical building style for the new tourism architecture of that time. This hotel "one of the richest in tradition of the alpine hotels" was built in 1904 and remains (almost) unchanged. Much later, the new building was extended alongside the old one in the typical style of the usual architecture. The old building is with elegant wood and solid, cultural décor, as well as partially done in the magnificent art nouveau style, and is truly something to behold.

Bertram Rhomberg took over the hotel from his father, who took it over from his father, who was an old established textile manufacturer. It was the notion of this culturally open-minded man, to bring the luxury of an elegant mountain hotel to this area. Through the current owner, the existing farm had been reactivated and is continuously enlarged and improved upon. More alpine farming pastures have been purchased and expanded and they have been adapted to the criteria of the ERNTE- association. All food produced out of their own bio-farm goes to their own hotel kitchen. This is reflected in the restaurant’s menu. Additional supplies are only bought when homegrown products do not suffice because few store bought goods are strictly biologicaly grown.

More than 25% of all guests in winter are from England and of those, mostly are patrons of long standing. To lodge in the quaint, ambience of the old building is a refinement for even the noblest guests.

Mr. Rhomberg has chosen for his farm the Tyrolean Grauvieh cattle. He mostly buys the animals at markets in Tyrol, especially in Imst, and has a high opinion of this particular stock of cattle, which for a number of years has been referred to in numerous headlines as "The Bio Beef for the Alps" and which the cattle are particularly well suited.

Recently there appeared in a German magazine an exceedingly favorable article about this hotel in Gargellen. Mr. Rhomberg was quite happy about it. I can imagine that this hotel will someday be included in the selected circle of bio hotels.