The generations

The generations have changed in Madrisa, together in harmonious cooperation and as a natural sequence of events. Up to her death in 1984, Hans-Karl Rhomberg, today the owner and senior manager in charge of the business, assisted his mother, owner and manageress, for over a quarter of a century, along with his wife Lilly, of Salzburg (Goldegg), who is also an experienced hotelier and gifted with good taste and a flair for décor and furnishings.

Bertram Rhomberg jr. has also been working since 1989 in the business. He loves "horses and cattle" and has revived the farm, which has been closed since the sixties. His horses, cows and calves spend their summers in the Platina Alps. His organic-biologic controlled method of producing farm products enrich the excellent cuisine at Madrisa.

The family has reconstructed the hotel, step by step, they have expanded and installed the indoor pool and sauna and replaced the old building through the generous south-west addition with a reception, open fireplace bar and the "Montafoner Stube", as well as with comfortable guestrooms and a discotheque.

What remains is the so called “new building”, a wonderful art nouveau wing from the turn of the twentieth century, a Gargellen landmark, with its representative hall and decorative beam ceiling that give a striking setting for all possible festivities and cultural occasions such as art exhibitions or performances, and also the popular Montafon Summer Concerts.

The "Emperor’s Menu" created in former times to honor Emperor Franz Joseph’s birthday, makes us think back to Gargellen’s founding years and is still used today as a prototype for preparing gala menus on special occasions. The remains of the original menu from the 18th of August, 1913 can still be seen with the emperor’s photo and the Habsburg insignia.

The hotel's direction set by Midy Rhomberg has also stayed the same, or almost the same. The Madrisa manageress’s love for the arts set the hotel apart with its own orchestra and distinguished it with her love for the written word and for those that created it. Where at one time poets observed their inspirations on paper, today visual artists, such as the two painter friends Konrad Planegger of Goldegg and Roland Haas of Montafon, captivate by painting visions of their wanderings and climbing in the Gargellen alpine world onto canvas and by conveying to their course participants, the unfolding of artistically applied possibilities.