"The art of cooking in our opinion, consists of using high-quality ingredients, leaving them as close to their natural state as possible and with well-thought out ideas, create an excellent meal out of them."

At the hotel we produce our own beef at our biologically/organically controlled alpine farm. Veal comes from Montafon milk-fed calves, local cheeses such as Sura Kees and Bergkäse, and also fresh goat cheeses are purchased from farmers or alpine dairies in the Montafon region. We get our venison mainly from hunters in the Gargellen valley.

Chef de cuisine  Zdenek Cepera

"The landscape is shaped by what people eat"

Our farmers work hard to cultivate the surrounding fields and mountains. Beautiful, maintained landscapes are the prized results.
In Montafon there is a very close correlation between farming production and natural landscape preservation. Leading a healthy, conscientious life using local products helps ensure the livelihood of the farming families in our region.  

Our guests should feel comfortable in our surrounding landscape and good about using our local products. We feel committed to follow this philosophy and today we offer you products to enjoy from the Montafon farmers.

Dear friends of our great cuisine! 

The close cooperation between local farmers and restaurants is the basis that made Austria "the culinary destination" for many travelers. For this reason, the AMA Marketing GembH has developed a traceability system for identifying the origin of agricultural products.

The AMA Gastro Seal of Approval is awarded to food establishments that have adopted the philosophy of purchasing and serving regionally grown products.