We heat with biomass energy

The term biomass refers to "all organic biogenic materials of non-fossil character and also include materials living and growing in nature and waste matter resulting from these, both from living as well as from dead organic materials". The majority of biomass used for producing energy in Austria comes from forests. 100% natural wood waste is used to produce the pellets used for heating.

Vorarlberg's electrical power comes from renewable energy sources

The state of Vorarlberg has set itself the task of being energy self sufficient by the year 2050, which means that the entire amount of energy used by the state must be supplied by renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic, hydropower, biomass or wind power. The Vorarlberg company Illwerke VKW generates its electricity exclusively from domestic hydropower. The large scale, pumped-storage hydroelectric plants of Montafon contribute to a stable power supply within Europe just like giant alpine batteries. For the most part, Vorarlberg's supplied electrical power comes from Austria. The "green electricity" of Vorarlberg is even generated up to 100 percent by over 1,300 small hydropower, photovoltaic, bio and wind energy plants throughout the state.

Energy efficiency through LED lamps from Vorarlberg

Light is an important part of a person's life. It provides comfort and well-being. It has been possible to produce this well-being with the existing incandescent and halogen lamps. However at the expense of a high energy consumption!
Due to the conversion to high-quality LED lamps of the company LEDON Lamp GmbH from Vorarlberg, it has not only been possible to ensure comfortable lighting but also to save more than 80% of the light energy.
Combined with a very long life of 25,000 hours (an incandescent lamp is around 1,000 hours), the conversion to LED is a very good and energy-efficient investment in the future.